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Protect your home

The elements are your home's enemy. The best protection from the elements is paint. Alan Soucy Home Improvement will carefully prep the exterior of your home, looking for any and all repairs that your home needs, make those repairs and paint your entire home's exterior, protecting nad preserving your home's look and value. Call Alan Soucy Home Improvement at (860) 657-6462 and we can brighten and preserve your home for many years to come.


We prep beforehand, doing carpentry work as needed
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-paint0001
    We prep beforehand, doing carpentry work as needed
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-paint0002
    Carpentry is done, the window is set to paint
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-paint0003
    Shutters are installed after paining is done
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-paint0007
    We carefully scrape and prep all surfaces, making sure that water stays away from the wood in your home.
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-paint0011
    Primed and all set for final paint.
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-paint0004
    Our crews work to get you the best result
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-paint0005
    No detail is missed when alan Soucy Home Improvement paints your home.
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-paint0006
    Our crew will work until all is completed to your satisfaction
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-paint0008
    Painting crew finishing up the entire exterior
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-paint0009
    We use the best paints for your job.
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-paint0010
    A repainted home
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-Paint-Finished-1041
    The finished job. Shutters replaced and the paint is fresh.
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-Paint-Finished-1042
    The entryway, brightened with a new coat of fresh paint.
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-Paint-Finished-1043
    Front of hte home with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-Paint-Finished-1046
    Back of the home with new paint.
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-Paint-Finished-1048
    Back of home showing completed paint.
  • Alan-Soucy-Glastonbury-Paint-Finished-1052
    Side of freshly-painted home. Alan Soucy Home Improvement treats you right every time.

Let Alan Soucy Home Improvement paint and protect your home from everything Mother Nature throws at it. Call us today at (860) 657-6462 and we'll come right out and make sure your home is protected.