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The first impression of your home is from the outside: and living in New England it is important to protect your home from the elements. Installing a new roof made of the finest material available not only makes your house look beautiful but also keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Your investment will add to the value of your home.

Applying siding is another way to keep your outside maintenance to a minimum while enhancing the value and beauty of your home. Many styles and colors are available to give you the look you've always wanted. We welcome your call. We will help you make an educated decision on your home improvements. To find out how we can help please give us a call at (860) 657-6462 or just go to our contact page, and remember, all estimates are free.


New roof red on lake poctipag east hampton-progress
New roof red on lake poctipag east hampton in progress
  • New roof red on lake poctipag east hampton-progress
    New roof red on lake poctipag east hampton in progress
  • New roof red on lake poctipag east hampton=a
  • new-roof-001
    New Cedar shake roof
  • new-roof-002
    New Cedar shake roof showing chimney flashing
  • new-roof-003
    New Cedar shake roof from side
  • new-roof-004
    New Cedar shake roof protects this home.
  • new-roof-005
    New Cedar shake roof adds beautiy to the home
  • new-roof-006
    New Cedar shake roof showing custom detail
  • new-roof-007
    New Roof
  • new-roof-008
    New roof on this home will add years of life to it.
  • new-roof-009
    New Roof on this home
  • new-roof-010
    Whole house renovation, from top to bottom, Alan Soucy Home improvement added value
  • new-roof-011
    Whole house renovation including windows and siding.
  • new-roof-012
    Whole house renovation showing back porch
  • new-roof-013
    Whole house renovation showing roof and back window
  • new-roof-014
    Whole house renovation showing siding and windows
  • new-roof-015
    New Roof for this homw with skylights
  • new-roof-016
    This home has a roof that will last years.
  • new-roof-017
    Alan Soucy Home Improvement redid this roof
  • new-roof-018
    Alan Soucy Home improvement this roof has gabled dormers
  • new-roof-019
    With a new roof, this home is ready for winter.
  • new-roof-020
    House is ready for winter cold and snows with a new roof
  • new-roof-021
    Rains cannot penetrate this new roof
  • new-roof-022
    Alan Soucy Home Improvement did this roofing job.
  • new-roof-023
    Roofing by Alan Soucy Home Improvement
  • new-roof-024
    Make your home better with a new roof from Alan Soucy
  • new-roof-025
    New Roof by Alan Soucy Home Improvement
  • new-roof-and-windows001
    New Windows and roof
  • new-roof-and-windows002
    New Roof and windows
  • new-roof-and-windows003
    New Windows
  • new-roof-and-windows004
    New Windows
  • new-roof-and-windows005
    New Windows
  • new-roof-and-windows006
    New Windows

Have Alan Soucy Home improvement top it all off with a roof that will give your home the protection from the elements that you need. Call us today at (860) 657-6462 and we'll come right out, give you an estimate and top off your home.