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So it's time to grow?

You like living in your home, You like the neighborhood, but maybe the family is getting to big. YOU NEED MORE SPACE!!! Today's real estate market is in a state of flux. It cost too much to buy and too little to sell. Make the investment in your existing home so that if fits your needs. Expand and update your kitchen and make it into what you have always wanted. You just might find that remodeling the inside of your home with Alan Soucy is the answer. Call today (860) 657-6462 and let's have conversation. And remember, our estimates are free. Contact us today.


Granite counter with stove and microwave
  • kitchen-02
    Granite counter with stove and microwave
  • kitchen-03
    Granite counter adds valuable workspace
  • kitchen-counter-1
    New Granite Counter
  • kitchen-counter-3
    Wide shot of new kitchen
  • kitchen-counter-4
    New kitchen with microwave and cabinets
  • kitchen-counter-6
    This new granite counter gives this kitchen an impermeable surface that will last years.
  • kitchen-flooring-1
    Don't forget your flooring in your kitchen
  • kitchen-flooring
    This flooring looks beautiful and matches the rest of the kitchen
  • Kitchen-granite-counters
    Wide shot of beautiful kitchen
  • kitchen-pantry
    Add a pantry, you can never have too much storage in your kitchen.


Make your kitchen a place you can truly be proud of with a kitchen from Alan Soucy Home Improvement. Call (860) 657-6462 and we'll start the process right away.